Art does not duplicate, it heralds

«Loris Gréaud's exhibition is a neuronal fantasy (Cellar Door, according to urban myth, is the most beautiful phonetic combination in the world). It is organized as a series of "mixed-up stories," fitting together various scales and methods of prodution, between the cosmos and nano-sculptures, ballitics and sound design, populated by magnetic currents carried by noise - borrowing its methods of proliferation from the collective intelligence of global communication networks. After the manner of Lewis Carroll and in the form of a tale ("Once upon a door..."), Gréaud plays fast and loose with the interferences between times and spaces (ubiquity, acceleration), between explanatory systems and levels of reality (cause/effect, real/virtual, image/cloning). The exhibition can tip into a different one, matute into a vocal score, fade out or wake up, implode or sample illusion. This issue of Palais/ accompanies these mental migrations into geodesic utopia and forms of thought, the impression of "déjà vu" and presentiment, travel in the "noosphere" and somnambulist journeys. Art does not duplicate, it heralds.» Pascal Rousseau, «Editorial», in Palais /Magazine 05, Paris, Palais de Tokio, spring 2008, p. 3.

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