Quem é quem na Documenta 13

I.Salt., VII - Kasper Koenig, colagem sobre papel, 2008.

Kasper Koenig nasceu em 1943 em Mettingen e é director do Museu Ludwig (AQUI) em Colónia desde 2000 (MAIS).
NOEMI SMOLIK: You are an art-school dean, an internationally known curator, and you sit on a lot of influential art-world committees. How does one get into such a position?
KASPER KOENIG: I only sit on committees when it interests me--not for strategic reasons but out of curiosity. I can afford to do this because my job at the Stadelschule, where I've been for seven years, and before that at the Dusseldorf Akademie, affords me a measure of independence. The deanship in Frankfurt is temporary; one is elected by a combination of the faculty and the students. (Ver o total desta entrevista AQUI)

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